The untimely demise of Aussie Cricketer “Phillip Hughes” left every cricketing heart-broken & eye’s weep. Though, the line between “Life” & “Death” is very narrow & sadly none has any control over it, what’s painful is when someone perishes at a very young age, and especially when the journey had just begun.

He was in the verge of a test recall and was as determined as he was always,  those fluent 63 runs he made before that unfortunate incidence was a sad reminder of that. A day after, his family & friends would have been celebrating his 26th B’day, but now mourning instead 😦 😦 😦

There was no fault at all of neither the batsman “Phil Hughes” nor the bowler “Sean Abbott”, but of that ball, which eventually took one’s life away & left the other to die mercilessly on a daily basis. The only thing they were probably doing wrong is, performing the work they love the most. None would have ever imagined of this “gentleman’s game” to become so cruel.

Phil Hughes

All the fast bowlers just love to bang it short and they let the batsman smell the fire in the air by ducking down the delivery, either it’s the sound of timber or the ball hitting the batsman, that’s where they(bowlers) feel like winning the battle, and it’s them who more often or not criticized for loosing a game & always treated as the 2nd child of the game, also there is nothing wrong in trying things which are legally permissible. At the same time, none has the intention of hurting a batsman in the process and that too never ever at the cost of one’s life. The poor fellow Sean also would never have dreamt of something like that in the weirdest of his dreams, but that’s how fate goes, it makes you a winner by letting you lose everything.

The sorrow & the pain can’t be diminished that easily, but it taught a hard lesson that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the way in which the lesson learnt was definitely painful, also it reminded of the fact that “it’s not just only a mere game after all”. Players must reaffirm the upgraded protection tools they use & none should take things lightly.

None can bring back the man who has gone away and also no one can reduce the trauma that the cricketing fraternity received by the sad departure of Phillip. But, meanwhile we shouldn’t forget the harm it caused in that process to that man whom fate had dragged into. He should get all the counseling and I wouldn’t say as sympathy but the genuinity by the people around him, so that he can come back strong and lead a life he deserves the most, which has been impacted by a wild storm that he neither asked nor deserved.

Time probably is the only remedy for the inconsolable grief that has caused by this extremely unfortunate incidence. The body made by flesh & blood might have left Phil the entertainer, but none can take the legacy that little man has created in a very small span of time. He will be remembered for ever, Long live the legacy of that little champ!! RIP “Phil Hughes”….#63 not-out forever.