You must be wondering, i.e, It’s neither the Mother’s Day nor the Women’s Day…So what does this post mean? But, do we need only days like those to celebrate the greatness of the greatest of the souls that every child is derived from.

She’s the most selfless creature of this creation and there is hardly any second thought on that. Probably, She is the only one who never thinks even once before sharing the tiniest of the things she possess, and in return the only thing she might be expecting is, “The happiness of the soul that she has reproduced”.

Let how much busy we become, or what ever may be the priority of the things we do….but there must be some quality time reserved for her. We should never become occasion specific to celebrate few of the cherished days of your lives. Also, It is important to let her know “How much we love her”, when ever we feel like missing her.


This post is not to boast the literary skills, but to pay a tribute to my mother. What ever little I have achieved till date or will achieve in the future, it’s all because of her, after all she’s the creator of my existence. I owe this life to her, and wholeheartedly thank her for this wonderful gift called “Life”. I Pray for the happiness of all the mothers &  hope this will give you all an opportunity to say her “I Love You Maa”, few of the most soothing words that have ever been created. Long live the queen of benevolence, God Bless you Mother.

A Mother might not be the one who can take you to the heaven, but she’s definitely the one who will not let you go to the hell,….#Samir